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Naked Brain Agency

Naked Brain is a Boutique Agency Specialized in Providing Digital Content, Social Media and Marketing Services in both English and Arabic.

Our Story

We started this agency to address a tangible need in the market for the right digital content, which drives the visibility of our clients in the ever expanding digital channels. We provide specialized marketing content, in Arabic and English, which is tailored to increase traffic to the products and services of our clients through the different media channels. If you have a great idea, we will create the right content to ensure a revenue growth for your business. 

Our Services

Content Development

We provide original and creative content, specifically optimized to help our clients establish long-standing connections with their customers in the form of websites, blogs or social media channels. Our content development services take you on the whole cycle, from establishing a full understanding of your market and targeted audience, to publishing influential content.

Our content developers are talented word magicians who can create compelling marketing content in both Arabic and English, which will increase traffic to your website, improve brand awareness and inevitably result in revenue growth.

Social Media Roadmapping

We provide social media strategy catered specifically to our client needs, including support and advice in managing content and interactions with the client audience on the various social media channels.

Brand Development

We provide holistic brand development services including Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Pyramid, Brand Management and Brand Image. Our aim is to support our clients to create a perception/belief in their potential customers’ minds in which the brand itself believes.

Training & Capacity Building

We provide in-house training to build the capacity of our clients to create and manage digital content.

Our Team

Eman is a seasoned marketing professional, she’s a Jedi master when it comes to creating meaningful marketing content and campaigns with a proven record of tangible business growth. She is also a skillful brand magician who can create original and outstanding brand concepts.

Eman Al-Khaldi

Chief Marketing Magician

Israa brings with her a zest for creating content which speaks to the hearts and minds of audiences from different market segments, she is capable of transforming the products and services of our clients into a magical story which is guaranteed to increase revenues.

Israa Thiab

Chief Storyteller

Our Clients

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